5 things #7 (Week 14 – 2021)

Look Ma I’m blogging second week in a row! When do I get to call this a habit? Never mind, anyway here’s few things I came across this week.

🧠 Firing neurons

Did you know if you can recognize Jennifer Anistion you’re likely to attribute this to a specific neuron in your brain? Came across this in Huberman Lab Podcast (see paragraph below). Checkout Wikipedia entry on Grandmother cell aka Jennifer Aniston Neuron or a bit more digestable article from Nature, but above all listen to the Huberman Lab podcast!

🎧 Listening

Someone recommended to me Huberman Lab Podcast as I became very interested in health lately, that is both my own and general longevity. Overall I try to be very selective about what podcasts I add to my feed so I don’t run into massive podcast backlog but boy did this one suck me in. I love how Andrew deconstructs very complex structures inside our bodies and explains them in language I can understand.

🛳 Floating

Interesting idea I recently came across in 1729 newsletter (highly recommend it too) – check out seasteading.org. It’s a group of people trying to build floating cities that would drift around international waters far enough to be outside any jurisdiction.

📖 Reading

I’m in love with meaningful reports, so when I saw my favorite futurist Amy Webb published her yearly report about future trends I immediately jumped on it. It’s massive, well written and touches lots and lots of interesting trends that are coming right at us! Check it out right here.

👀 Researching

I came across a term Adaptogens a number of times before, however just recently seems like more and more very smart folks are recommending to at least try these. The caveat with most of adaptogens is you do have to embark on somewhat a longer experiment, as you’re likely to see effects after few months of usage. I already have Cordyceps and Lionsmane in my daily supplement stack, but after doing some reading I will likely include other ones like Ashwagandha or Siberian Ginseng.

5 things #6 (Week 13 – 2021)

It’s been such a nice blog post streak… until it wasn’t. I have 1 million excuses, but they don’t really matter, so just quietly resuming my little blogging hustle over here with another five interesting things I came across this last week. Enjoy!

🎧 Listening

My blogging hiatus has also somewhat made an impact on my podcast listening, but I’m back and while catching up I stumbled upon so many interesting podcast episodes it’ll be really hard to fit them all here, but by far the most interesting one is Tim Feriss’ interview with Balaji Srinivasan

🌅 Surfing the sunrise

With spring FINALLY here and having waved good bye to daylight saving time one of the experiments I’m trying to stick to is getting up with sunrise and starting a day with a healthy run. There’s scientific evidence proving positive effects of sunlight exposure within the first minutes of your day (Kevin Rose Show with Andrew Huberman). Let’s see if I’m able to stick with it in long term, but so far it’s an amazing experience, just checkout this photo and that photo I took while running the other day.

⚒️ Building

I’m still trying to scrape minutes out of my days to spend on WellBot.ai we’re trying to finalize with Mike, so it’s going relatively slow, but we are making progress. Hopefully this month we’ll be at a point where we’ll be sharing the app with first users. Obviously priority’s on FFF (friends, family and fools) but if you’re on an iPhone and would like to give our app a shot at improving your overall wellness – sign up at WellBot.ai.

💻 Saying sorry to crypto

I have resisted anything crypto related for a long time and don’t get me wrong I still find Bitcoin a weird beast when it comes to its origins and all the speculation around it, however I’ve been recently exposed to some really interesting things that are taking place in ETH universe. And no, I don’t mean NFTs which are another way many people will hurt themselves financially. For starters check out open-orgs.info

🛹 Skateboarding

With Covid entering well into third wave here in Poland the odds of it going away or getting myself on vaccine list are tiny I started exploring going back to skateboarding this summer. Youtube makes it really easy for folks to upload old school skate videos like Chomp on this, First love, Logic 7 or Yeah right which I keep watching at nights and think about getting back on board. I’m almost there, just waiting for a sign I shouldn’t do it…

5 things #5 (Week 4 – 2021)

Phew! That’s been a pretty darn busy week for me with everything happening at work and trying to clear up as much of my weekend as possible to participate in Amsterdam’s Startup Weekend. Read on!

🚿 Shivering

End of January marks for me a whole month of doing only and exclusively ice cold showers. Given this winter is pretty brutal in Poland anyway (temperatures are sometimes as low as -15 Celsius) this has been pretty challenging one for me at the beginning, however now I’m pretty well into it. I’ll probably do a few warm showers just to see how it is and be back to cold for more months. Turns out these ice cold showers lower my resting heart rate significantly, especially during night time. One helpful resource to do this was Wim Hof’s Method.

🖥 Making models

I have friends who invest in buying vintage computers hoping they’ll be able to sell them off on eBay a decade from now and make some sweet money. While I’ll pass making that kind of investment (mainly because I don’t have ‘fuck you’ money as Joe Rogan says it) I’d really love to have one of these on my shelfs. Turns out there are DYI paper craft models of these. Trying this out very soon!

👄 Processing natural language

Check out this very cool demo of live NLP running in browser – pretty rad, right? NLP has been hovering around my interests for a while now, actually ever since we built a proof-of-technology of CallBot on TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2019 in Berlin. Very eager to get this project back on track so expect it to get back into one of these blogposts in the (hopefully) near future.

🚀 Starting up

I’ve been a huge fan of hackathons and you probably all know that by now. Startup Weekend is a special kind of hackathon which rather than hacks usually tries to have you arrive with a viable business at the end of 53 hour death march. So that’s what we’re doing this weekend with @srgtuszy (my brother). What’s even more special it’s Startup Weekend Amsterdam that we’re attending (I’m an ex-Amsterdamer and Amsterdam is still my favorite city). Expect to see the result of our sleepless weekend in next week’s post. Until then, keep your fingers x’ed.

👂 Listening

Lot’s of interesting podcasts hit the web this past week, but I had the most pleasure listening to Joe Rogan talking with Lex Fridman. If you like listening to Lex and have some interest in AI/ML/Science you should also check out his podcast.

5 things #4 (Week 3 – 2021)

Last week it’s been a bit lousy on blogging side, however hopefully this week’s entry will make up for that and hopefully next week I’ll be ready to post a longer form entry. Let’s see how it goes! Here’s five things from this week.

🤔 Getting smarter

One of my resolutions that I’m trying to keep (I got a whole list of ones I probably won’t keep) is upping my supplementation game. I’ll be spending 1st quarter of this year trying out different stuff, but there’s already something I know I’ll be sticking to – Lions Mane. According to Paul Stamets it’s a smart mushroom and there is scientific research confirming some of its interesting properties (anti-inflammatory, promotes gut and cognitive health).

🍄 Thinking of fungi

Lot’s of references to fungi this week, but that’s fine. I don’t have a spirit animal instead I have a spirit fungi. Here’s an interesting article that I ran across this week which explains how fungi are a bit closer related to animals than plants, and why they have their own kingdom.

😼 Tripping on catnip

I’m a proud partner in crime to our two cats we have at home and I’ve always been curious how come they react in such interesting way to catnip. Check out this article that explains this phenomenon in detail. I don’t want to spoil it to you, but in a nutshell it opens up cats’ opioid system that closely resemble human and heroin reaction. Super interesting!

🔊 Listening

I listen to a TON of various podcasts, however one I always greatly enjoy and can’t ever get enough of is The Random Show which is basically Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris talking through many random topics ranging from crypto and DeFi to lucid dreaming. Literary. Have a listen and checkout their show notes which are just packed with lots of things to checkout.

💭 Mentoring

I feel 2020 was the year of shutting the hell up for me in many ways, which is good because you cannot be in the loop all the time. When looking back at how that year has gone by and what I want 2021 to be, I can definitely say I will be doing much more knowledge sharing and mentoring this year. I already have received a very exciting offer from one of the leading startup accelerators from EU which hopefully I will announce soon, and basically I will be double downing on helping folks and giving back to the community in 2021.