As we enter into 2022 I’ve cleaned up a lot of my blog and hoping to start over – this time around I really have implemented proper habits and mechanisms to make myself do this in a systematic and consecutive way.

In 2021 I have learned the boundaries of my human envelope and 2022 is the year I really want to operate at the fullest within those boundaries.

Hope to see you around in my future post, be well!

Afternoon Apple-logo poster project

So a while back I came across Mike Randle’s tweet showing off a poster he made out of all the 370 logos Apple had on their invitations for Brooklyn event. I’ve seen folks have asked him to share the result however looks like he hasn’t yet. Because I really wanted to have it on my wall and I’m a horribly impatient person I decided to do one myself. To make it even more fun I used Processing too, it’s been a really fun trip down the memory lane (both personal and RAM memory ;)).

Here’s a set of all the logos from that event if you’re interested in a particular one.
You can get the full 40mb logo compilation over here.
And finally the compilation fitted into A1 poster format is right here.
Because this is a Sunday afternoon project the code looks like it’s been written just then, ping me directly if you’d like to see it anyway and I’ll post it up on Github after a bit of cleaning up.

Also if you’re into that kind of stuff, here’s a very well made screensaver containing animations from all the different logos. I’ve had it set on my macbook for 2 weeks and had a few folks ask about it, eyecandy!