My 2023 predictions

Hello 2023! Everyone shares theirs so I do to, here’s a few of my predictions for 2023. I’ll make sure to revisit them once a while.

  1. AI will steadily expand with new models to uncharted areas. We’ll see new and more creative ways to engage with it in form of new interfaces or invisible computing. We’ll see further decoupling of ideation and execution, which will cause more and more confusion beyond art contests.
  2. Online scams of sorts thanks to new AI tools will reach a new level of sophistication, it’ll take a while until our common sense and proper tools catch up.
  3. Economy in US and EU-zone will soft land barely missing recession. UK won’t.
  4. Web3 space will be inhabited by builders and die-hards. Bitcoin and Eth will bounce back although not close to ATH.
  5. 2023 will be a tough year for startups, especially ones expecting to retain momentum from their COVID-era fundraising. Pre-seed and seed stage startups will be just fine.
  6. Despite massive layoffs in 2022 that happened all over tech sector the employee market will persist throughout 2023.
  7. Climate and clean energy startups will thrive. We will see an exponential growth of number of initiatives supporting entrepreneurs at all stages.
  8. China will experience few massive waves of COVID disturbing global supply chain further until they reach herd immunity.
  9. Brief peace talks will happen between Ukraine and russia, will not lead to resolution.
  10. Metaverse will remain a buzzword. Meta will not be able to bring their vision to the masses, Apple will delay anything headset-related till after 2023.
  11. After few years of plateau there will be new wearable sensors, perhaps blood-sugar, that will 10x the value they provide.
  12. Twitter and Musk part ways.

Be well 🙏