5 things #7 (Week 14 – 2021)

Look Ma I’m blogging second week in a row! When do I get to call this a habit? Never mind, anyway here’s few things I came across this week.

🧠 Firing neurons

Did you know if you can recognize Jennifer Anistion you’re likely to attribute this to a specific neuron in your brain? Came across this in Huberman Lab Podcast (see paragraph below). Checkout Wikipedia entry on Grandmother cell aka Jennifer Aniston Neuron or a bit more digestable article from Nature, but above all listen to the Huberman Lab podcast!

🎧 Listening

Someone recommended to me Huberman Lab Podcast as I became very interested in health lately, that is both my own and general longevity. Overall I try to be very selective about what podcasts I add to my feed so I don’t run into massive podcast backlog but boy did this one suck me in. I love how Andrew deconstructs very complex structures inside our bodies and explains them in language I can understand.

πŸ›³ Floating

Interesting idea I recently came across in 1729 newsletter (highly recommend it too) – check out seasteading.org. It’s a group of people trying to build floating cities that would drift around international waters far enough to be outside any jurisdiction.

πŸ“– Reading

I’m in love with meaningful reports, so when I saw my favorite futurist Amy Webb published her yearly report about future trends I immediately jumped on it. It’s massive, well written and touches lots and lots of interesting trends that are coming right at us! Check it out right here.

πŸ‘€ Researching

I came across a term Adaptogens a number of times before, however just recently seems like more and more very smart folks are recommending to at least try these. The caveat with most of adaptogens is you do have to embark on somewhat a longer experiment, as you’re likely to see effects after few months of usage. I already have Cordyceps and Lionsmane in my daily supplement stack, but after doing some reading I will likely include other ones like Ashwagandha or Siberian Ginseng.

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