5 things #6 (Week 13 – 2021)

It’s been such a nice blog post streak… until it wasn’t. I have 1 million excuses, but they don’t really matter, so just quietly resuming my little blogging hustle over here with another five interesting things I came across this last week. Enjoy!

🎧 Listening

My blogging hiatus has also somewhat made an impact on my podcast listening, but I’m back and while catching up I stumbled upon so many interesting podcast episodes it’ll be really hard to fit them all here, but by far the most interesting one is Tim Feriss’ interview with Balaji Srinivasan

🌅 Surfing the sunrise

With spring FINALLY here and having waved good bye to daylight saving time one of the experiments I’m trying to stick to is getting up with sunrise and starting a day with a healthy run. There’s scientific evidence proving positive effects of sunlight exposure within the first minutes of your day (Kevin Rose Show with Andrew Huberman). Let’s see if I’m able to stick with it in long term, but so far it’s an amazing experience, just checkout this photo and that photo I took while running the other day.

⚒️ Building

I’m still trying to scrape minutes out of my days to spend on WellBot.ai we’re trying to finalize with Mike, so it’s going relatively slow, but we are making progress. Hopefully this month we’ll be at a point where we’ll be sharing the app with first users. Obviously priority’s on FFF (friends, family and fools) but if you’re on an iPhone and would like to give our app a shot at improving your overall wellness – sign up at WellBot.ai.

💻 Saying sorry to crypto

I have resisted anything crypto related for a long time and don’t get me wrong I still find Bitcoin a weird beast when it comes to its origins and all the speculation around it, however I’ve been recently exposed to some really interesting things that are taking place in ETH universe. And no, I don’t mean NFTs which are another way many people will hurt themselves financially. For starters check out open-orgs.info

🛹 Skateboarding

With Covid entering well into third wave here in Poland the odds of it going away or getting myself on vaccine list are tiny I started exploring going back to skateboarding this summer. Youtube makes it really easy for folks to upload old school skate videos like Chomp on this, First love, Logic 7 or Yeah right which I keep watching at nights and think about getting back on board. I’m almost there, just waiting for a sign I shouldn’t do it…

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