5 things #5 (Week 4 – 2021)

Phew! That’s been a pretty darn busy week for me with everything happening at work and trying to clear up as much of my weekend as possible to participate in Amsterdam’s Startup Weekend. Read on!

🚿 Shivering

End of January marks for me a whole month of doing only and exclusively ice cold showers. Given this winter is pretty brutal in Poland anyway (temperatures are sometimes as low as -15 Celsius) this has been pretty challenging one for me at the beginning, however now I’m pretty well into it. I’ll probably do a few warm showers just to see how it is and be back to cold for more months. Turns out these ice cold showers lower my resting heart rate significantly, especially during night time. One helpful resource to do this was Wim Hof’s Method.

🖥 Making models

I have friends who invest in buying vintage computers hoping they’ll be able to sell them off on eBay a decade from now and make some sweet money. While I’ll pass making that kind of investment (mainly because I don’t have ‘fuck you’ money as Joe Rogan says it) I’d really love to have one of these on my shelfs. Turns out there are DYI paper craft models of these. Trying this out very soon!

👄 Processing natural language

Check out this very cool demo of live NLP running in browser – pretty rad, right? NLP has been hovering around my interests for a while now, actually ever since we built a proof-of-technology of CallBot on TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2019 in Berlin. Very eager to get this project back on track so expect it to get back into one of these blogposts in the (hopefully) near future.

🚀 Starting up

I’ve been a huge fan of hackathons and you probably all know that by now. Startup Weekend is a special kind of hackathon which rather than hacks usually tries to have you arrive with a viable business at the end of 53 hour death march. So that’s what we’re doing this weekend with @srgtuszy (my brother). What’s even more special it’s Startup Weekend Amsterdam that we’re attending (I’m an ex-Amsterdamer and Amsterdam is still my favorite city). Expect to see the result of our sleepless weekend in next week’s post. Until then, keep your fingers x’ed.

👂 Listening

Lot’s of interesting podcasts hit the web this past week, but I had the most pleasure listening to Joe Rogan talking with Lex Fridman. If you like listening to Lex and have some interest in AI/ML/Science you should also check out his podcast.

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