5 things #4 (Week 3 – 2021)

Last week it’s been a bit lousy on blogging side, however hopefully this week’s entry will make up for that and hopefully next week I’ll be ready to post a longer form entry. Let’s see how it goes! Here’s five things from this week.

🤔 Getting smarter

One of my resolutions that I’m trying to keep (I got a whole list of ones I probably won’t keep) is upping my supplementation game. I’ll be spending 1st quarter of this year trying out different stuff, but there’s already something I know I’ll be sticking to – Lions Mane. According to Paul Stamets it’s a smart mushroom and there is scientific research confirming some of its interesting properties (anti-inflammatory, promotes gut and cognitive health).

🍄 Thinking of fungi

Lot’s of references to fungi this week, but that’s fine. I don’t have a spirit animal instead I have a spirit fungi. Here’s an interesting article that I ran across this week which explains how fungi are a bit closer related to animals than plants, and why they have their own kingdom.

😼 Tripping on catnip

I’m a proud partner in crime to our two cats we have at home and I’ve always been curious how come they react in such interesting way to catnip. Check out this article that explains this phenomenon in detail. I don’t want to spoil it to you, but in a nutshell it opens up cats’ opioid system that closely resemble human and heroin reaction. Super interesting!

🔊 Listening

I listen to a TON of various podcasts, however one I always greatly enjoy and can’t ever get enough of is The Random Show which is basically Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris talking through many random topics ranging from crypto and DeFi to lucid dreaming. Literary. Have a listen and checkout their show notes which are just packed with lots of things to checkout.

💭 Mentoring

I feel 2020 was the year of shutting the hell up for me in many ways, which is good because you cannot be in the loop all the time. When looking back at how that year has gone by and what I want 2021 to be, I can definitely say I will be doing much more knowledge sharing and mentoring this year. I already have received a very exciting offer from one of the leading startup accelerators from EU which hopefully I will announce soon, and basically I will be double downing on helping folks and giving back to the community in 2021.

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