5 things #2 (Week 1 – 2021)

What up 2021! I’m more than confident this year will be like no other, and it’s got “21” in it, so will be lucky for sure. Here’s five things I stumbled upon this very first week of 2021, have a look.

πŸ‘€ Looking back

Listened to Joe Rogan’s interview with Alex Brenson, and while I don’t agree with most of stuff Alex has been saying on there, one statistic that was brought up shows the often underestimated impact COVID19 had on our society. This last year there’s been a spike in overdose deaths thorough out the US – over 30k more than past year. I believe that K-shaped recovery folks on Bloomberg TV mention all the time in many businesses will happen, however the society will struggle getting out of the psychological dent COVID19 made.

😴 Sleeping

Stumbled upon a very interesting article which proposes a completely new theory to the purpose of dreams. Go read the whole thing, but in a nutshell group of scientists claim it is a protective mechanism aiming at making sure neurons in visual cortex don’t get re-assigned to other tasks. Sleep has been an aspect of my life I have worked hard on improving these past few years and I continuously jump on anything new to read in that department. If you’re looking for a good entry point to sleep checkout Matthew Walker and his book.

πŸ‘Ύ Not playing

Along with a long overdue phase-out of Flash another interesting piece of technology got waved good-bye recently – Farmville. While I never been a fan of that format or games in general it’s hard to argue the impact this game made (and number of hours mankind put into this thing). Here’s a very informative tweet storm from no one other than Mark Pincus (ex. CEO of Zynga, maker of Farmville) outlining some details about the game.

πŸ‘‚ Listening

Finally got my hands on a Clubhouse invite. For folks living under a rock, it’s an app that allows for creation of moderated live audio rooms around certain topics. I really dig the format and over the past few days I listened to a LOT of very interesting convos. I’m super interested in how this startup grows since already being on a platform for a short amount of time, you can see the quality of content degrades along with user base growth.

🎨 Drawing

Folks at Open.Ai did it again. You may remember lots of press covering their GPT-3 model which was capable of generating text based on a short prompt. The quality of the output it produced was really hard to distinguish from human written text (someone put together a website with examples). Well, now they came up with Dall-E which generates images based on a text prompt, and it can generate some amazing, very abstract things – checkout the link to see some examples.

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