5 things #1 (Week 53 – 2020)

🏃 Motivation

After pandemic hit and rendered me no longer able to do fencing, I decided to replace it with running. Problem being, I don’t like running, I REALLY don’t, so I started looking for a motivation online and that’s how I found David Goggins. His philosophy of doing something that sucks every day somehow strikes a chord with me and pushes me to run early morning nearly every day (and do a bunch of other shit, but that’s for another post). He’s a savage I’ll never be, but highly recommend you follow this motherfucker! 👊

🗣 Quote

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there’s no ground.”

Chögyam Trungpa

Stumbled upon this one in a podcast interview Tim Ferris did with Leo from ZenHabits. Not only do I find this quote be very tuned to the times we have now with COVID19 and how many people feel, but it also comes from Buddhist meditation master, a topic I plan to deeply explore in the coming year.

🏗 Engineering

I am and I was a mobile software engineer for almost all my professional life. While I have ventured into hybrid apps a few times with mediocre experience, I pretty much always preferred to build apps the native way (Obj-C/Swift for iOS and Kotlin/Java for Android). Recently, however, I got interested in a technology released by Google called Flutter. It lets you target iOS, Android and even web with single and coherent codebase as long as you’re willing to take some UI compromise. While I’m still big believer in native I think there is a lot of space for Flutter in scenarios like “I have 2 months to build an MVP” or hackathons. We’re (@srgtuszy who’s my ever so partner in crime and myself) on track to release our first Flutter app in 2021 and hopefully soon I’ll post a lengthier post about how to get into Flutter as a native old dog who’s trying to learn new tricks.

📚 Reading

I did such a shitty job reading this year it’s really embarrassing to even have this section in here, however out of a few books I did manage to read, the one I’m ever so close to completing (but always something comes up) is Lifespan by David Sinclair where he states a thesis that ageing is a disease we’ll likely be able to cure soon. Being 34 myself I started to reflect more and more about how not to make my current age be a half-way point of my life, and that book is a great onboarding to the whole idea.

👀 Watching

I’m insanely eager to play the latest release of Flight Simulator, however being so vested into Mac I still didn’t get a chance to (I’m still on team XPlane). This documentary is a great window into how much work went into this product and makes me think about running out and getting a beefed out PC just to play it.

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