Rumors about me giving up blogging are greatly exaggerated

Ok, so here’s me trying to restart my blogging efforts for probably 3419th time. This is one of my very few resolutions for 2021 and I’m starting it right now to blast into 2021 with some nice momentum. Hopefully this time around the habit of posting notes regularly will stick, but let’s see.

I’m stating my 2021 blogging efforts with:

  • Short weekly posts that share a bunch of stuff I’ve learned, read or stumbled upon over the course of past week. I will do my best to limit these posts to 5 things, but occasionally there will be more, as there’s just so much cool shit around 🙂
  • Longer, probably once-a-month posts that cover a single topic I’m either passionate about or currently working on

Wish me luck & hope to see you around here soon! ✌️

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