Operation TwoZeroOneSeven


Holy smokes! Time doesn’t fly, I can’t even find a word anymore… it fucking BLASTS. Poof! Another year is gone with most of us barely even noticing it. 2016 was a heck of a year even though it ended with a insane personal rollercoaster ride for me.
With a little over 30 hours remaining in 2016 I say the first rule of 2017 is not talk about 2016. I just wrapped up my new year’s resolution list, which I’m making public by the way to keep myself accountable. I’ll also be updating this page monthly to track progress or lack of thereof.
Finally, as we’re about to party into 2017 I thought I’ll share what the next 365 days will be all about:

  • After a shitty 2016 (product wise) Apple will score another home run with Augmented Reality on iPhone and another unreleased device
  • Software will continue to eat the world. The endless possibilities of machine learning and AI will continue to surprise us, steal our jobs and save our lives (Tesla)
  • Snap Inc will go public in the biggest tech IPO ever
  • Voice will become a first class citizen in user interfaces. Siri will open up for all developers and apps, competition will follow.
  • Elon Musk will create another multi-bilion dollar company (focussed on tunnel digging)
  • VR will remain a gimmick, a breathtaking one, but still a gimmick.
  • Someone somewhere will come up with a killer app for Apple Watch saving the whole product.
  • The tech bubble will not burst. Rent prices will go up in Bay Area. There will be a new iPhone. There will be no new MacBook Pros.

2017 will be an exciting year. Operation TwoZeroOneSeven is ready for deployment 😉

Image credit: Jamie Street (Unsplash.com)

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