WatchOS3 & SpriteKit

I love learning new things. One of the areas of mobile software I’ve never taken a deeper look into is games, yet it’s the most profitable and competitive area of the AppStore. During this year’s WWDC Apple announced their 2d game engine called SpriteKit will be available on Apple Watch. This sounded intriguing enough for me to spend a couple of weekends learning it.

The topic was interesting enough to make it into CocoaHeads Tricity meetup. Sadly the talks weren’t recorded, but here’re my slides:

Since there’s no video of the talk I thought I’ll share a thought or two about the whole games on Apple Watch idea. First of all it’s a WATCH! This is the main thing you need to wrap your head around. You won’t find anyone who’ll be willing to hold their wrist up playing your game for anything longer than minutes. Watch isn’t a place where engaging games have any future. However in my opinion Watch is a great place for satellite apps or extras to games on other platforms or turn based casual mini-games where the time of action is very limited (think quiz game, where you and your opponent answer questions).
SpriteKit on WatchOS doesn’t differ that much from the ‘grown up’ version supporting Mac, iOS or AppleTV. For a brief demo I’ve ported one of numerous FlappyBird clones found on GitHub to AppleWatch in a matter of minutes. I’ll be sharing the Xcode project on my GitHub account soon.

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